Make sure your furnace repairs are completed before winter hits!

furnace repairColorado is known for its extra hot summer months and extra cold winter months. Many tourists will avoid this area during peak summer and winter times because they can’t handle the extreme climate. Colorado natives are either used to the temperatures or they have figured out how to best deal with them with a well functioning HVAC system. One could imagine that it is nearly impossible to survive the summer in Colorado without a properly functioning air conditioner, or a winter without a functioning furnace. This is why it’s such a good thing there are companies such as D.N.I Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Inc. to rely on when your air conditioner or furnace is on the fritz. There is nothing worse than returning home on a hot day to find that your air conditioner busted while you were out and now your house has become a sauna instead of the ice box that it was intended to be.

D.N.I Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Inc. not only repairs air conditioning systems, but they also install and maintain them. The technicians at D.N.I are all HVAC certified and are known for their professional and quick service. D.N.I Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Inc. can diagnose and repair almost any problem that you might be experiencing with your air conditioner and often times can make the necessary repairs in only one short visit. They understand how important it is to your personal comfort for you to have a properly functioning air conditioner and they want to help as quickly as they possibly can. They are the experts in furnace repairs and air conditioning repairs. If your air conditioner system is beyond repair, D.N.I can help you to find a new air conditioner system that works for both your home and your budget. Not only can they help you to find a good system for your home, but they can also install the new system and make sure that it is prepared to function properly.

One of the most exciting air conditioning system options offered by D.N.I Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Inc. is geothermal heating and cooling. Geothermal technology uses naturally occurring energy from the temperature of the earth’s surface to supply temperature control to your home, office, or business. Once installed and running, geothermal heating and cooling systems can greatly decrease your monthly energy costs. In addition to saving you money, these geothermal heating and cooling systems can also help to save the environment. Environmentally friendly and bank account friendly? What more could a person ask for! If you are thinking of having a geothermal heating or air conditioning system installed in your home, office, or business, call D.N.I Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Inc. today and start saving money right away. If the cost of installation is scaring you off, not to worry, there are financing options available and after so many years, the savings from your energy costs will out weigh the cost of installation and the system will pay for itself.


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